• All Rooms

    Ceiling Fans / Lamps, Windows (inside Only) / Blinds / Light Switches / Baseboards / Sweep/Mop/Vacuum

  • Kitchen

    Lamps / Cabinets In & Out / Microwave / Countertops /  Sink / Fridge In & Out /  Stove In & Out / Oven / Windows (Inside Only) /  Blinds / Light Switches /Baseboards / Sweep/Mop

  • Bathrooms

    Fans, Lamps, Cabinets In/Out, Sink, Mirrors, Tubs/Showers, Toilets In/Out, Windows (Inside Only), Blinds, Light Switches, Baseboards, Sweep/Mop

  • Living Rooms / Hallways

    Ceiling Fans, Lamps, Windows (Inside Only), Blinds, Light Switches, Baseboards, Sweep/Mop/Vacuum

  • Laundry

    Wash Machine In/Out, Drying Machine In/Out, Light Switches, Dusting, Sweep/Mop

  • Regular House Cleaning Services will typically include the following:

  • Throughout

    Dust all surfaces, Vacuum carpeted areas, Mop floors, Wipe counters, shelves, mirrors, Window sills, Empty trash.

  • Kitchen

    Sinks, Countertops, Stove tops, Drip pans, Microwave only outside, Cabinet fronts, Window sills, Floors, Fridge exterior, Appliances exterior.

  • Bathrooms

    Showers, Tubs, Sinks, Toilets, Tile, Mirrors, Fixtures, Floors, Window sills.

  • Laundry

    Sweep & Mop

  • House Cleaning Co

    House cleaning services schedules from Cleaning With Magic LLC. are flexible for a reason. Life is busy and unpredictable. We understand this fact. That's why we design residential cleaning packages based on your cleaning preferences, desired frequency for home cleanings and budget. No contracts. No hassle.
  • testimony

  • I love Veronica, she is fast, reliable and does a wonderful job.
    By Elizabeth Villegas
    Veronica and her team did an amazing job. Always answered her phone, great attention to detail, hidden surfaces, floor boards, was able to get some items clean that I could not, and reasonably priced.
    By spam it
    Veronica was right on time. Friendly and professional. The job was done better than I expected. Highly recommend!
    By Ron Dolecek
    They were able to clean my entire house the day after I called, very last minute. And did an amazing job, covered literally everything from cupboards to bathrooms to inside of the fridge (was just about to move in). They did so well that I called them back to clean my rental that I was leaving as well, and did an a amazing job there too. Finally, the prices I saw with this team was half of what other companies around Colorado springs were asking. Would absolutely recommend. Very friendly team .
    By Jaime Sandoval
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